The Birthplace and Early Infant Care

The Women's and Children's Services department at Henderson Hospital in Henderson, Nevada is devoted to providing care to women at all stages of the maternity process: pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and the postpartum period. Our maternity suites are designed for optimal privacy and comfort to help patients feel relaxed and at home. Each patient receives an individual monitoring and recovery plan developed with her medical and nursing staff. Security systems help ensure safety for patients, their infants and their visitors.

The birthplace at Henderson Hospital, Henderson, Nevada

The Women's and Children's Services department features the Birthplace, which has:

There are in-room accommodations for dads or birth partners, and siblings are welcome to visit their new baby brother or sister. Newborns can room-in with mom.

Henderson Hospital, Henderson, Nevada IBCLC Care Award 2019 IBCLC Care Award

This award demonstrates that Henderson Hospital promotes, protects, and supports breastfeeding and the lactation consultant profession.

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With the addition of the patient tower, Henderson Hospital now offers 14 Labor and Delivery rooms, three C-section suites, four ante-partum rooms and 28 post-partum beds. All the patient rooms are private and our NICU features two adjacent twin rooms. This expanded access to services will result in increased capacity to schedule inductions.

Childbirth Education Classes

Henderson Hospital offers classes for new parents. These may also serve as refresher courses for people whose last baby was several years ago.

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Well Child and Special Care Nurseries

Our Level I/Level II nurseries are equipped with advanced medical technology required for a wide range of conditions, including babies born a few weeks prematurely, unstable babies and those born with low birth weights.

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Maternity Registration

To preregister, please call 702-369-7710 or use our online registration system.

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Hospital Photography is Back!

This is such an exciting time and we are honored to be a part of it. We know it can take a bit of time to adjust to a newborn's routine, but we are looking forward to helping you document these first moments forever. The photo session is completely complimentary and there is no obligation to purchase.

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Birth Tissue Enhances and Heals Lives

New law requires information be given to pregnant patients

Expectant mothers can choose to donate birth tissue following the delivery of their healthy newborn(s) in a Nevada-licensed freestanding birthing center or hospital. Birth tissue, which includes amniotic membrane and fluid; placenta; umbilical cord tissue and umbilical veins; chorionic membrane; cord blood and connective tissue contained in the umbilical cord called “Wharton’s Jelly”; or any other tissue derived from a live birth provides nutrients and protection to support fetal development in the womb and is normally discarded after birth. These birth tissues, made up of proteins, growth factors, cytokines and extracellular matrix molecules have been found to stimulate cell regeneration, reduce inflammation and expedite recovery times when used in regenerative therapy as tissue grafts.

Donated birth tissues have been used for many years in various medical procedures and therapies, including (but not limited to) wound healing, ophthalmic procedures, skin grafting, spinal surgeries and sports injuries. Birth tissue donation is safe for mothers and babies, and there is no cost to the mother for giving this gift of healing. The donation and utilization of birth tissue is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and standards for the donation of birth tissue are provided by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).

Nevada entities accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) for the acquisition or collection of birth tissue are listed at and At this time, there is only one such entity (Nevada Donor Network) but others will be added as requested by such entities, as required by Assembly Bill 154). The bill also requires a hospital or a physician practicing in the area of obstetrics and gynecology to provide a patient who is pregnant with a link to or a printed copy of that list.